Friday, January 4, 2008

Change is coming!

Last night, as I had another late night of work I listened to the Iowa caucuses on NPR. And the feeling I had was simliar to the one of the OJ trial. (I'm just keeping it real here, folks)Tense, excited, hopeful and the list goes on. I listened and when they announced the results felt like screaming my joy.

I love the terms they used, viable candidate, an grassroots campaign, back to basics, etc. I think even the pundits were surprised by the results. Hilary almost stuttered her speech.

And, I thought it was interesting the Huckabee won the Republican caucus. Are there more two polar opposites in political sentiment. What does that mean for America? I thought that Romney was going to win so does that mean money doesn't rule all. I can feel the change in the air.

For Democrats, it is the first time that we feel we have a real choice to make. That in itself is new.

For America, red and blue, we may really have to look past the skin color and pick a candidate that mirrors what we feel America stands for. The freedoms that America stands for versus the conformity to a certain religion, lifestyle, social class that has seemed to permeate our way of life.

I'm excited. I can't wait for New Hampshire when Guilaini and McCain step up to the plate because with our candidates, Obama, Clinton and Edwards vs them we are really going to define what America is for the next 8 - 16 years! And that will be the biggest change of all!

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