Friday, January 4, 2008

Electibility No Longer an Issue

Today is a great day to be an American. Last night, Senator Obama got a resounding victory in Iowa and started the ball rolling towards his Presidency. On to New Hampshire and soon Nevada. I hope that last night's achievements demonstrate to the nay-sayers the Barack Obama is electible and that a vote for him is a viable vote that can change America for the better. I remember when I was a kid and Ross Perot was running for president. I recall that a number of adults I knew were really excited about Ross Perot's message, but were too afraid to vote for him, fearing that he was not electible because he was not an entrenched politician with a recognizable name, and therefore concluded that a vote for him would be a wasted vote. Despite what I might have thought about his politics (and being a child at the time, I don't think I really thought much about his political views), I will never forget that I was very appalled by the thinking of these adults. How can we ever get the right person in office if everyone is voting based on who they think is "electible" instead of who they think will do the best job. Last night, the people of Iowa demonstrated that they know what the important issue is: who is best equipped to lead our nation in the coming years. They came out in the bitter cold and chose Barack Obama. And in so voting, they demonstrated to the rest of the 49 states that Barack Obama is in fact electible. I hope that Nevada follows suit.

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