Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Fight Goes On.

Last night, by the slimest of margins, Barack Obama took second place in the New Hampshire Primary yesterday. This is a great achievement for the campaign and keeps us moving forward toward the Presidency. However, it also serves as a warning that this battle for the Democratic nomination is not in the bag, but will be a tooth and nail battle until the end. It is so important for Obama supporters to continue to press on and not take anything for granted. As the Nevada contests nears, supporters must continue to tout Obama's message of change and ensure that friends, loved ones, co-workers, and even the guy who sits next to you bus will be out there voting on January 19th.

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Ivan said...

I completely agree. We cannot afford to take any state or vote for granted--this race is just beginning! There is tremendous energy, excitement and momentum in Barack's corner and now is the time to mobilize and have a remarkable turnout in the Nevada caucuses! Nevada's Service Employees International Uninon endorsed Senator Obama late last night. This is a big victory for Obama and shows that he still has strong support on his side!