Monday, January 14, 2008

Are our so called leaders losing a step?

So is it just me, or are others on Black Vegas News disenchanted with our so called "leaders" and their blind commitment to the old political machine that has kept them fed for so long? I would think that these so called leaders would give the first viable Black presidential candidate real consideration, if not support. I'm not saying that their aren't legitimate reasons to support a candidate other than Barack, but we should expect more than insults and self-serving endorsements from those who trade on being our community's leaders. Here is an interesting article from the Washington Post that addresses the issue of Black leadership and candidate endorsements.


shawnte said...

I saw this piece today in the Post and thought it was interesting as well. It has been clear to me for some time now that our "leaders" have become out of date and obsolete. They have not provided us with any real guidence or direction in twenty years. And their response to Sen Obama is just another example of how out of touch they are with the needs of the Black community.

Ivan said...

Thanks for the great post!

You are definitely not alone. I too have been surprised at how many of these black "leaders" are not just simply endorsing Clinton, but they are attacking--in a very mean-spirited way--a very credible and viable black presidential candidate. The only explanation I have is that there is truly a generational divide and power struggle underway in the black community between the old civil rights establishment and the new generation of black leaders. The old guard appears to be more concern with their political futures than having an honest conversation about what candidate has the best judgement, experience and vision for America. The least that these "leaders" could do is show some respect for Obama instead of just blindly dragging his name through the mud because of their unfounded fascination with the Clintons. I can only hope that African-American voters ignore all of these insignificant black talking heads and vote for who they believe will be the best president for our country.