Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Backlash Over Clinton Racial Messages

From the Washington Post:

"But an important development in the 2008 Democratic battle may be the building backlash among African Americans over comments from associates of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton that could be construed as jabs at Sen. Barack Obama's race. These officials, including Clinton aides and prominent surrogates, have raised questions or dropped references about Obama's position on sentencing guidelines for crack vs. powder cocaine offenses; on his handgun control record; and on his admitted use of drugs as a youth. The context was always Obama's "electability." But the Illinois senator's campaign advisers said some African American leaders detect a pattern, and they believe it could erode Clinton's strong base of black support."

The post includes quotes from Tom Joyner, Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson, and the Black Star News of New York.

The full story is here.

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Anonymous said...

I got sick to my stomach I was I was so offended by her comments and I won't repeat them, shame on her. After what I witnessed at the debate I think the Clintons have just used the Black voters, they have no empathy for what true blessed courage it took to OVERCOME. Bless Martin Luther King. Margaret Dunnnixzq