Friday, December 14, 2007

A Place at the Table: Diversity and the LV Gaming Industry

From In Business Las Vegas:

“[R]epresentatives Las Vegas' black community attended November's Nevada Gaming Commission meeting in Las Vegas and asked commissioners and members of the Control Board to take a close look at Harrah's diversity record. . . .

The message delivered was clear: If Harrah's said it would establish an endowment for Pittsburgh's minority community, why can't it do that here in Las Vegas?
. . .

The testimony presented by the community activists was written by Louis Overstreet, executive director of the Urban Chamber of Commerce. The key points were that in 2000 the gaming industry made a commitment to diversity, and companies were asked to make a public accounting of their diversity initiatives and provide regular updates to the community. Overstreet said so far, only MGM Mirage is following through on that commitment.”

In Business Las Vegas has much more here.

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