Thursday, December 27, 2007

Don't Believe the Hype

Susan Rice over at Huffington Post reveals that the "Hillary Clinton ready to lead from Day One" campaign is largely media spin. It consists of Hillary Clinton invoking her status as "First Lady" and Bill Clinton spewing rhetoric characterizing Obama as a "roll of the dice." But Rice explains that these moves distract from the fact that Hillary Clinton has failed to provide a detailed national security plan. In contrast, Obama has provided a detailed national security plan (Susan lists and links to the specifics).

Check out the post here.

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Mai Obama said...

Who really is ready to run any country? Please, we've had presidents with plenty of experience and that didn't work. We've had presidents with no experience that worked out fine.

I'm sure Hilary can become a leader by osmosis since she's extremely intelligent and she had to learn something from Bill. But, I think experience will can only take you so far when you are talikng about running a country.

The rest of the requirement has got to be your beliefs, your ideals, your ability to relate to people and your strength to fight for those things.

While I am not a GB lover, I do admire his ability to stick to his ideals. I don't agree with his politics but I knew what he was about. That was reassuring.

If our next president follows that lead with more compassion and empathy for people and issues that he doesn't understand he will be fine. If he realizes that we, the American people, will support the president that makes mistakes if he made them with the best intentions and no sacrificing of anyones' life then he will be fine.

Experience is good but so are so many other things when it comes to the presidency.