Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yesterday's Shooting

I don’t know what happened. But this has got to stop. We can't just accept this as status quo. From the LVRJ:

Suspects at large
Two victims remain hospitalized;
dispute over girl suspected

Two assailants opened fire Tuesday afternoon at a school bus stop in northeast Las Vegas, sending six people to the hospital in what might have been a dispute over a girl, police said.
. . .

The two assailants were waiting at the bus stop about 2 p.m., and they began firing shortly after students exited two buses, police said.

. . . Police think the shooting was in response to an altercation between students at Mojave High School earlier in the day. Three students were arrested by school district police in the morning after the fight. Police suspect the youngsters were fighting over a girlfriend. . . .

The 14-year-old witness said a fight had occurred at the bus stop Monday between black and Hispanic teens who he thinks are gang members. . . .

He said that shortly after stepping off the bus Tuesday afternoon, he saw a group of Hispanic teens walking toward a smaller group of black teens.

He figured the Hispanics were there to protect their friend who had been beaten up Monday at the bus stop. The groups had not reached each other when he saw one of the black teens started shooting. . . . . "

The full story is here.

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