Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Am I?

Last night, I listened to the Republican debate on NPR and was left wondering who am I? Not because I suffer from an indentity crisis but because of all the rhetoric that I heard. Fiscal conservative. Social conservative. Conservative. If I define myself by the republicans standards, am I liberal?

I feel like I am fiscal conservative. I don't feel that we should spend money without accountability yet I would like to see all Americans with healthcare at whatever the cost. That would be costly and its more of a social issue.

I believe in the hand-up, by the boot straps, give a helping hand mentality but I also believe in letting those individuals go when they don't seem to be able to help themselves. Where that starts and begins, I'm not sure. Is that a republican sentiment or a demorcratic one?

Its all very confusing for me, but I do know this as I vote for the next president it will be because I know where he stands on issues. I will know how he feels about social issues; his thoughts on the war; how he plans to bring America back to our standing as a world leader that is not based on how many countries we can bully and invade but how many dialougues we can start; and his stance on the environment.
So while I may struggle with labels that don't really apply to me, I will know who the President I vote for is.

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